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Matrix one tablet won't boot up!

Last updated one year ago by Abe Pastor

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Tablet will not boot after android symbol, matrix one and android letters!

Posted by Guest one year ago


HI, my name is Abe. I am happy to help you with your problem. When you are ready to start, please let me know by posting a comment using the 'Reply' button right below this. I will be standing by. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by Abe Pastor one year ago


Thanks Abe! Ready for answer!

Posted by Guest one year ago

Try to hold down the power button for 30 seconds and let me know what happens.

Posted by Abe Pastor one year ago

Abe, when it powers up the tablet will show the android character first the matrix one screen then the android letters w/light going through the letters after that the tablet won't respond to anything including reset!

Posted by Guest one year ago

Hi again, I apologize for the late response. It seems like the firmware is corrupted. completely drain it, then charge it for an hour or so without turning it on, detach the charger before turning it on. once its ok, go to settings and restore factory settings This might help on restoring the proper boot of the device.

But just in case your Android firmware (the Android Operating System which is intalled on your device) is corrupted. You will need to re-flash a clean firmware to your device. How you go about doing this will depend on the type of tablet you have. A quick answer could be found by googling the name of your tab with "re flash firmware unbrick".

If you think it is still under warranty. It would be best to take back your Android Tablet. Since further efforts of trying to make it work might result to tampering the warranty. Bring it to the store where you bought it, and have them to sort the issues for you.

I hope this would help.

Posted by Abe Pastor one year ago