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Samsung Microwave error code 5E

I am getting an error code "5E" or
"SE". I went to the breaker to reset at the breaker and now I don't have anything.

Last updated one year ago by Rofel Lantican

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I also took the pael off and tried to tighten parts. Then I called the appliance store and they told me to turn it off for at least an hour. I kept it off for three hours. I get a digital read to set the time but when I touch "clock" nothing happens.

Posted by Guest one year ago

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Thank you for your question my name is Rofel, i will further assist you on your concern, Just hit reply when you are ready to post a comment I will just be standing by, Thank you.

Posted by Rofel Lantican one year ago


I called my appliance store and they gave me the Samsung number. Apparently there is an "epidemic warranty". So, now I am waiting for the appliance repair people to call and make an appointment to fix this problem. This whole issue make take quite a while to correct.

Posted by Guest one year ago

Thanks for your response. I can provide you the Samsung Repair center in your area. You can provide me with your location including the zip for me to provide you the information. Please also provide the exact model of the device.

Posted by Rofel Lantican one year ago

That would be great. The model is SMH9187W-XAA. My address is
4108 Old Oak Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Posted by Guest one year ago

Thanks for the information. Here's the nearest Samsung Service Center in your Area.

Lakes Electronics
7358 W BOYNTON BCH BLVD #6052 Boynton Beach, FL 33437
22.54 miles

Lakes Electronics -Security Storage
501 NW Business Center Dr North E55 Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986
38.34 miles

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Posted by Rofel Lantican one year ago