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Asus k52f notebook will not boot up tried recovery have no disk what should I do

Last updated one year ago by Melissa Pilones

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Hi, my name is Melissa.I am happy to help you with your problem. When you are ready to start, please let me know by posting a comment using the 'Reply' button right below this. I will be standing by. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by Melissa Pilones one year ago


Computer was reset to factory settings and need to know if I need to get the recovery disc from manufacter or can I use another one? Dose this mean my computer is completely empty ? Thank You for replying

Posted by Guest one year ago


Sorry for the delay responds and thank you for your patience.

If the unit was reset to its factory state, it should look like you've just took the computer out of the box, The files (Applications, Music , Pictures , Videos, Document) that was saved on your computer before you restored the computer is completely gone. You just need to put the prefered programs back on your computer.

If you have questions please let me know. If I were able to assist you identify the issue and provide information on how to resolve this, I request you show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the green Accept Answer button right below my first response

Thank you,

Posted by Melissa Pilones one year ago