my asus r503-rh21 keep saying diagnosing your pc

Last updated 2 years ago by Melissa Pilones

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Hi, my name is Melissa. I am happy to help you with your problem. When you are ready to start, please let me know by posting a comment using the 'Reply' button right below this. I will be standing by. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by Melissa Pilones 2 years ago


How do I fix the problem

Posted by Guest 2 years ago

Hi again, I might need some more information in order for me to proceed. I will be providing some steps that will resolve this issue after getting the details.

Where do you see the message Diagnosing your pc? Can the computer still load to the desktop? May I know the operating system installed on your computer?

This way we could provide a good solution for you . Thank you.

Posted by Melissa Pilones 2 years ago

I t just start up an show Asus at the top and preparing to download at the bottom it has windows 8 what other info u need

Posted by Guest 2 years ago

Would this mean that the computer can't load to the desktop or You can't see the metro screen?

Posted by Melissa Pilones 2 years ago

It can't load I've tried recording I've tried to put n safe mode nothing works

Posted by Guest 2 years ago

Diagnosing your PC is one of the features in Windows 8. I will show if either a boot file is corrupted or a hard drive failure.
Things you can do to diagnose :

  1. When Windows 8 stops with the fish and the dancing dots, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del for 3 or 4 times
  2. This interrupts the system sufficient for it to identify that there is a problem, so you should get the message saying “Preparing Automatic Repair”
  3. The message will change to “Diagnosing your PC” after a pause
  4. You will then get the usual message about rolling back to a previous System Restore point and possibly losing some installed programs/drivers
  5. You have to click on Accept at this point
  6. Windows 8 then goes into “Attempting Repairs” and may take some time doing it
  7. Eventually Windows 8 will re-start
  8. After a normal restart, you will get the Crash Report Notification dialog.
  9. If you attempt to re-install Guest Addtionas and other drivers, enable the “Safe Mode” first , re-install, then disable Safe Mode before the reboot. This is a different process to all previous versions of Windows.

If this steps did not worked on your pc, manually re install windows, to eliminate possible hardware failure.

I hope the information given helps. If the answer to your question was informative and helpful, please show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the green Accept Answer button right below my first response.

Thank you.

Posted by Melissa Pilones 2 years ago

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