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Why ???when I send an email video clip, it's received upside down???

Have tried to send video clips, but they all are received upside down, tried to lock the screen and video, once clip is sent...same problem, arrives upside down....photos are the same...

Last updated one year ago by Mario Donevski

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Hi, I am Mario and I will assist you.

Can you try to record your video with your iphone turned in the opposite direction as usual when you are filming? It may solve the problem.

I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks

Posted by Mario Donevski one year ago


Actually, the remedy is to: keep the iPhone "right-side up" when snapping photos or recording videos--meaning with the volume buttons pointed down. (I think that's how most users rolled before iOS 5 came along). You can still use the volume-up button as a shutter release, you'll just have to trigger it with your left thumb. (It's awkward, but doable.)

Get back to me.

Posted by Mario Donevski one year ago

Hello Mario... Thanks for your reply...two things...it's an ipad3 I'm using.. And I've already tried to film with the iPad upright and also locking the iPad... When I email, recipients receive the clip and any photos upside down..

Posted by Guest one year ago

When taking a picture or recording a video with your iPad (using the rear-facing camera) always have: Home button on the bottom for portrait and Home button to the right for landscape.

Another solution: Go to the App Store on your iPad or the iTunes store on your computer and type in "rotate video" in the search field in the upper right-hand corner and several apps will appear. Be sure you either get one that is universal (will work with both iPad and iPhone) or one specifically for the iPad.

I hope this helps. I will be waiting for your reply.

Posted by Mario Donevski one year ago

Dear Mario,
Very many thanks for your help...your suggestions have worked....both photo and video clips..now being received correctly.....
Really appreciate your help and prompt attention...

Posted by Guest one year ago

Thank you for your reply. I'm really glad your problem is solved. Please Accept my answer if my suggestions helped you, so I can get the credits. Many thanks


Posted by Mario Donevski one year ago

Hi, I's been some time since you last responded. In addition of my assistance to you, can you please Accept my answer so I can get the credits for helping you? Please get back to me.


Posted by Mario Donevski one year ago