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How can I download pictures taken on my Samsung GALAXY EXPRESS to iPhoto on my Mac Book?

I tried to download kies, which I was told to do by an ATT app. All that I got when I opened it was what appeared to be computer programming. I connected my phone to my computer properly by using the USB port provided. Instructions said to go to "finder" and then find the "device" and click on it. No "phone device" came up. I also need to know how to send photos from my phone to others. Thank you for our help. Jonna Murray

Last updated one year ago by Rofel Lantican

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Accepted Answer


Thank you for contacting us. My name is Rofel and I am here to help you resolve your issues. I need a few minutes to prepare my answer. I will be right back. Appreciate your patience.

Posted by Rofel Lantican one year ago


Thank you for accepting my answer. But I wish to ensure we work together to have your issue resolved. Please respond to it by using the blue 'Comment' button from right below your original question on this page.

  • After you download and install Samsung Kies on your Mac.
  • Connect your Phone.
  • Open Finder and look for Kies.
  • Open the Kies and you will see your phone on the list under connected devices.
  • Click on Photos
  • Select the photos that you want to transfer to your mac
  • Click on Save to PC.

Please let me know if this helps.

Posted by Rofel Lantican one year ago