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what is puk and how to reset phone lock?

tracfone s125g was in use yesterday by spouse and when she put it down she set the phone lock not knowing that she did this. when asked what she pushed to lock the phone she could not answer me. is is possible to unlock this problem to enable phone usage again?

Last updated one year ago by Elixir Cada

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Hi, my name is Elix. I am happy to help you with your problem. When you are ready to start, please let me know by posting a comment using the 'Reply' button right below this. I will be standing by. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by Elixir Cada one year ago


thank you elirir cada. as mentioned above- my phone was put on phone lock and this being our only phone in our house, so can i and how do i reset this where we can use it again?

Posted by Guest one year ago

ok- i am ready to start-

Posted by Guest one year ago

Hi. Thank you for your reply.

The PUC (PUK) is a SIM-specific code assigned by the service provider. This was given to you by the service provider the first time you got the phone. You need to contact your service provider and ask for the PUK code if in any case you misplaced the code.

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Posted by Elixir Cada one year ago

ok- well i will sigh out and try again at a later time- thank you

bye for now

Posted by Guest one year ago

Hi Customer. How's it going? have you already check with your provider regarding the PUK code?

Posted by Elixir Cada one year ago