GE Spacemaker XL1800 f3

When using the stove top the microwave turns on beeps F3 flashes and control panel will not work

Last updated 2 years ago by Abe Pastor

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Hi, my name is Abe. I am happy to assist you. I'm sorry your having trouble resolving the problem but dont worry, I will be providing some steps that will resolve this issue. Please give me a few minutes to prepare the answers. Thank you for your patience.

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Posted by Abe Pastor 2 years ago


GE microwaves with a digital display will show an error code when there is a problem or malfunction with the unit. One type of error code that will be displayed on a GE oven and require troubleshooting is a code F3. An F3 error code indicates that the keypad for the control panel is bad or has a short. This will cause the microwave to beep continuously after the set clock message appears.

Please follow these initial steps and instructions to try fixing the problem:

  1. Unplug the power cord for the microwave from the electrical outlet. Pull the microwave out from the wall and set it on a table or the counter.

  2. Find and remove the two screws from the top of the grille, on the font of the unit, with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the grille off of the microwave.

  3. Find and remove the screws that are used to secure the control panel to the microwave frame. Lift the control panel unit up and away from the microwave.

  4. Find and remove the screw that is used to secure the green ground wire. Pull out all of the connectors and ribbon cables from the control board.

  5. Apply heat from a hair dryer to the front of the control board for at least 30 seconds. Make sure the hair dryer is at the low setting. Pull up on one corner of the top membrane, then peel it off of the control board.

  6. Repeat Step 5 for the other membrane that is on the control board.

  7. Insert the pliable circuit of the new membrane through the opening in the control board. Remove the wax backing to expose the adhesive for the membrane. Place the membrane onto the control board.

  8. Peel the wax backing off of the top membrane, then place it on the control board.

  9. Place the control board back on the microwave and secure it with the screwdriver. Reattach the grille, and set the microwave back in place.

  10. Plug the microwave back into the power outlet and reset the clock.

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Posted by Abe Pastor 2 years ago

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