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SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem

i had my SD card working fine, i connected my phone with my computer it showed me the options then i got disconnected, now i can connect my phone with my computer i see all the data in SD card even the phone shows me the files i can play games that are on SD card, but my phone doesnot show me normal home screens and the messege always keep showing on top notification bar SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem when i click on it it says formate the card or cancel it... help me how to get rid of this issue... thanks

Last updated 2 years ago by Glenn Barcebal

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Got it fixed my self very easy just go to settings>Power>turn of fast boot and turn off Phone turn back on... itsfixed...

Posted by mubashiir 2 years ago

after i selected to choose my themes again my screen is now normal but that error in notification not going away

Posted by mubashiir 2 years ago

Thank you for your question. I'll do my best to assist you.

There might be some part of the memory that crashed that can only be fixed by formatting your SD card. If your computer can still read some of the files saved on your SD card, try copying them to your computer hard drive before formatting the SD card.

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Thanks again.

Posted by Glenn Barcebal 2 years ago