to whom this e-mail may be received by. My name is Richard M.Kurzac , and My e-mail is I have forgoten My password.Please send my Pass word to my e-mail,I don't have a phone

I live in a Home For Disabled Vets, and I do'nt have a cell phone.and if I have to make outsideline phone calls I have to buy a phone card,wich I can not afford,I have been taking online surveys trough pay pal and still To date I do'nt know if I even have any money in a PayPal account,or even if I do have a PayPal account,Everday all I do in this small town of strum is to take my four wheel to the Public Library to enter the Daily paid surveys,to supplement my V.A. Disability Check, After they take the Room and Board, and any fees that they can think of I am luckey to spend a $100.00 a month for myself,that includes,personeal items like my toilietriees,(Soap,Shampoo, deoderant,toothpaste, Tobbacco ect. and if I get lucky I sometimes might some left over to buy Pop, They have no compasion they take thier money first no mater how much you in need to purchase iteams ,Like Shoes or Pants, or shirts,that is why I have been on MY PayPal for ever. I am not trying to pull a can e-mail for any other proof of my identey Informationof me.Thank you. Richard M. Kurzac

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