Why did you have to change the email format ?

I had no choice about upgrading my email. I absolutely hate the new changes. Just looking at my email hurts my eyes, gives me a headache and I have trouble focusing to read my email. You went from easy reading and great format, to absolutely terrible format. It is like you took a giant leap backwards in technology. If it has to stay this way, I will have no choice but to change services. I called for technical help and was told that it had to stay this way. They told me to play with the themes in the tools area, which absolutely did nothing about making it easier on the eyes. Why did you have to change the format, just to upgrade security. I have talked with others, who hate the new format also. Your background along with the light shaded thin font is very hard on the eyes and there are practically no lines separating the emails. Also, when I click on a folder to open, instead of it coming right up to view, I have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to view it. It is all very irritating. Why couldn't you just leave it the way it was ? Please let me know if you can help me, or if I need to look for another internet service. I have u verse right now. Plus my bill just doubled for something I hate now.
S Frugia

Last updated 2 years ago by Guest

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