my iphone 3GS keeps going to voice control and then switching to different screens.

Last updated 3 years ago by Matthew Pomar

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Good day,

Doing a restore will sometimes fix an issue specially if its a software glitch that is causing the problem. When you did the restore, have you restore it to its factory default which will delete all data saved in your iPhone or you have just restored it from your backup? If you restored it from backup it might just have put back the software that is causing that problem so please do a clean restore.

Does it still go to Voice Control even if your not touching your iPhone? Example, go to a quite room and put your iPhone on a desk and observe if problem will still persist. In that way we can identify if your iPhone is recognizing a noise even if voice control is already off.

I'll look forward to see your response.


Posted by Glenn Barcebal 3 years ago

Thanks for your question. I'll do my best to help you.

Can you tell me if you are using earphones when the phone goes to voice control? If you don't use the ear phones, does it still act up? If so, this is a problem I have had myself, which was caused by faulty earphones. If this is not the case, can you describe your problem in a little more detail?

If you can provide this information for me, we can take the next steps to helping you. I'll be right here for you when you are ready to proceed.

Matthew Pomar

Posted by Matthew Pomar 3 years ago


I am not using earphones when it goes to voice control. Right now if i turn it on, it starts talking with voice control and keeps switching to other pages. Sometimes the home button works-no always. I checked the accessibility setting to turn voice control OFF, but it was already off. I have restored phone about 10 times. Gets better for a bit then starts right back.

Posted by Guest 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply.

Can you explain what you mean by "starts talking with voice control"? What does it say?

Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by "keeps switching to other pages". Are you talking about Safari?

Lastly, has your phone been exposed to any water/humitity/extreme temperatures?


Posted by Matthew Pomar 3 years ago

Here's a link that will show you if your phone has been exposed to liquid:

A collegue of mine had similar issues as you do and doesn't remember getting his phone wet at all, however the indicator on his phone was red.

Please let me know what you discover so I can help you further. I'll be right here when you get back.

Posted by Matthew Pomar 3 years ago

Hello. Are you still having the problem you reported? If so, can you please confirm you have checked the moisture indicator using the instructions in the link I provided? If the indicator is not red, then you might try the steps Glenn has suggested.

Either way, please let us know so we know how best to help you next.

Thank you.

Posted by Matthew Pomar 3 years ago

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