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Instant Facebook support chat from ExpertHelp

Stop the wait, get a response with minutes from our Facebook support chat

For as many users as they have and as large a team as they are, Facebook doesn’t make it easy to get in touch with their support team. When you have a problem or simply a question you want addressed, you want direct answers. Many websites and businesses these days offer live support chat in order to provide just that, but that isn’t the case with Facebook. Instead, when you look for answers to your questions or live support, you’re going to be redirected to answers that aren’t necessarily relevant to you and pages that are full of paragraphs and paragraphs of information you’re expected to dig through at the Help Center.

The Help Community exists, but it doesn’t always involve getting an answer from someone at Facebook. If you want that, you can be waiting a long time. The problem reporting function is very slow and you might not have an answer for days. If you don’t have a problem but some other question, you might have trouble finding the answers you need. If there was an official Facebook support chat, you wouldn’t have this problem, but as it is, many frustrated Facebook users are having trouble talking to an actual human at Facebook and not a community of other users or a bloated Help Center.

The instant Facebook support chat you’ve been asking for does exist, however. It’s right here at ExpertHelp. We can help address any problems and answer any questions relating to Facebook with a team of experts that can get in touch with you within minutes. You don’t need official support, thanks to our experts. Getting in touch with our team is much faster than trying to get any direct help from Facebook, and we will never direct you to irrelevant information. Simply ask your question and we can be with you, helping you out in no time.

Whatever your problem or question, we have the right Expert ready to help you through Facebook support chat. They regularly help with problems such as setting up accounts, managing business pages, maintaining your privacy, deactivating accounts, and much more. Rather than redirecting you elsewhere, our Experts deliver easy-to-follow step by step instructions leading you through the entire process.

Facebook support chat offers fast access to the kind of personal, individualized treatment that the users of Facebook have been asking for. When you ask your question, you will be partnered with the Expert that is most available at the time but also the Expert that is most qualified to provide the answers and support that you need. What’s more, if it’s an urgent issue, you can tell us you need an answer immediately and we will endeavor to get you the help you need even sooner. With a live chat, the back-and-forth is immediate. You won’t be waiting days for an answer every time you respond. Simply click the link below, type in your answer, and let us know that you want us to answer it through support chat.

Stop searching for the Facebook support email

Our Experts can help you start to solve your problems right away

Email might be your preferred method of asking questions and getting the support that you need. The benefits of email are numerous. You can keep track of your conversations over a longer period of time, which allows you to leave. If you’re interrupted, you don’t have to close the conversation, you can simply come back to find the answer at a time that’s more convenient. However, email is only an effective support solution if you don’t have to wait too long. As the customer/user, you should be able to take your time to reply, but if the support team is making you wait, that’s an issue. When it comes to Facebook, getting the email support you need isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination.

For one, there is no official Facebook support email. If you look for it online, you may be redirected to the address [email protected], but that isn’t an email that Facebook offers for support. Rather, their primary methods of offering support are bouncing you around the Help Center and having you report problems using the function on the site. Even still, getting a reply can be incredibly slow. If you’re sick of waiting for that reply, you might skip past the direct support part and go straight to the Help Center. The Help Center does undeniably offer a lot of information that can be useful. However, that’s not just its strength but its weakness. Finding the answers specific to your question can be more difficult than it seems. What’s more, implementing solutions might have you bouncing from page to page, not just in the Help Center, but opening up new Facebook pages while you’re following those steps. The Help Community can make things more confusing still, with lots of people offering different answers, and many of them leaving messages that have little-to-no bearing on the question, to begin with.

For prompt, accessible Facebook support email, you should look to ExpertHelp. Our Experts can offer email support for a wide range of Facebook problems and questions. It’s incredibly easy to get started with us, and our Experts won’t keep you waiting days for answers. You won’t have to look anywhere else for your answers, simply follow the advice as sent via email. What’s more, you’re connected with only one Expert at a time, rather than a whole community of users. That consistency can make it a lot easier to follow the conversation rather than getting stuck in the middle of various conflicting answers.

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with Facebook, then struggle no more. ExpertHelp is here to offer the Facebook support email you’ve been looking for. We’re confident all our Facebook Experts can offer you the answers to any questions and support for any problems. Simply click the link down below. When you type in your question, you will be asked to choose your preferred method to receive that advice. Simply choose email and you will have you reply within minutes.

What if you need to contact Facebook by phone?

Don’t become another frustrated user looking for Facebook’s phone number

If you’ve had trouble finding a way to contact Facebook by phone, you’re far from the only person to find yourself frustrated and blocked off at every turn. Multiple sites on the internet might tell you that 650-543-4800 is the only way to reach them. While it might provide some relief to find out that this is a legitimate Facebook phone number, rather than a scam, you still aren’t going to get much help from it.

Rather than being a support number to help the millions of frustrated Facebook users, this number is actually solely for internal use at Facebook. When you try to call it, you won’t get anyone answering it. The sad fact is that there is no way for everyday users like you to contact Facebook by phone. They don’t have a support number or any method of direct contact, period.

If it’s direct phone support that you’re looking for, however, ExpertHelp can deliver just that. ExpertHelp isn’t the official way to contact Facebook by phone, it’s something better. It’s a team of experts from industries like hardware, software, social media, and more that have no bias to Facebook, so we can offer you the kind of support that Facebook doesn’t. Our Experts are extremely knowledgeable about Facebook and have no problem pointing out the flaws with the social media website.

Simplicity and directness are the greatest strengths of live phone support. We don’t get you on the line with a robot that’s going to make you sit through question after question of answers being read out to you. If you prefer to hear the answer directly, you’re going to hear it from a human that you can actually communicate with. If you’re more of an audial learner than a visual learner or email support is simply too slow for you, our live phone support might be just what you need.

When you want to contact Facebook by phone, get in touch with us instead. We offer what they don’t, personalized service from a real expert that’s paying attention to your needs. We have Experts available every day, 24 hours a day, that can help with all kinds of questions. What’s more, our Experts aren’t affiliated with Facebook and have expertise in all kinds of things, including specific devices, internet connections, operating systems, and browsers. As such, we can help not only address common Facebook bugs but other hardware and software issues that might be affecting your experiences on Facebook.

Stop waiting for the support that Facebook doesn’t offer or slogging your way through the Help Center and Help Community. You can start chatting on the phone with an Expert today. All you have to do is click the link below, type in your question, tell us how urgent it is, and select your preference of how you want us to answer. It takes an average of fifteen minutes for ExpertHelp to provide the solution you need from the moment you send the question.

What kind of help can you expect from our Facebook contact email?

Your Alternative To The Non-Existent Official Facebook contact email

If email is your preferred way of having your questions answered, then we are more than happy to provide the support you need. However, ExpertHelp’s Facebook contact email is designed in a way to ensure that you get the answers as quickly as you need them, with minimal confusion.

Below this section, you will see a button saying “Get an Answer Now”. When you click that, you will open up a form where you’re able to type the question. Once you ask the question, you will be asked two things. First, you will be asked how urgent it is. This helps us understand whether it’s a priority that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Our users rarely have to wait longer than a few minutes to get in contact with an Expert, but we want to make sure that you get a prompt response that a question deserves. Then, you select your preferred method of having a question answered. You can select email, if you prefer, but you can also select phone and chat support.

Once that’s submitted, we will find the Expert most relevant to your question. All of our Facebook contact email Experts are well-versed in the social media platform, but many of them have engineering and computing degrees to help, as well. They come from industries like computer repair, hardware manufacturing, software development, and from the social media industry as well. As a result, they can answer the questions not only relating to Facebook, but issues with your browser, operating system, and hardware that might be causing problems with Facebook as well.

If you’ve chosen to receive an answer by email, the Expert will reach out to get in contact with you as soon as they are able. From there, they will deliver the answer or advice you need, often broken into step-by-step formatting to make it as understandable as possible. If you have difficulty following the answer or feel like it hasn’t properly addressed your need, you can ask as many follow up questions as you like. Furthermore, you can ask for remote support whenever you need. This allows the Expert to directly control your system, going through the steps they have recommended on your behalf.

With no official Facebook contact email, all the help you need can be found right here at ExpertHelp. Simply click “Get an Answer Now” and you can start the remarkably easy process of having a real Expert giving your questions and concerns the time that you deserve. Otherwise, you may be stuck navigating the Facebook Help Center.


Sick of not knowing how to contact Facebook directly?

Stop Googling for answers – Your help is right here

One concern that our team at ExpertHelp has heard time and time again is about how to even get in touch with the official Facebook support team, to begin with. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to start looking. If you’re experiencing a certain problem with your Facebook account, then it’s only natural you will look for the official support team first of all.

If you look for it using the Help Center, you will find that there is no way to communicate with a member of the support team directly. Rather, you will have a huge information resource that you are left to explore with little-to-no help. While the Help Center does provide some very useful information, it’s not formatted in the best way and often stops short of providing the answer you’re actually looking for.

You might spend up to an hour looking through the Help Center. When you do finally find an answer that is relevant to you, it may be buried within a much longer piece of text that has little bearing to your problem, meaning that the answer can be hard to pick out or understand. Depending on what your issue is, you might find that it’s addressed, but with no solutions that you can implement. You may be stuck right back where you belong.

If you input a Google search on how to contact Facebook directly, you will get plenty of answers. The only problem is that the vast majority of them aren’t going to be much use at all. Some of them will list a phone number for Facebook and an email address. However, even if the phone number does legitimately belong the Facebook, it’s for the internal team, not a support number for users like you. Similarly, emailing the [email protected] address won’t help you get in contact with anyone who can help solve your problems. You’re much more likely to end up being redirected to the Help Center in the response.

Simply put, there is no good answer on how to contact Facebook directly. They don’t offer live support through phone, email, or even online chat. If you want that live support from a person who is actually going to spend time going through your questions and providing the answers that you need, stop with the search. ExpertHelp provides exactly what you’re looking for.

Rather than being an official Facebook support team, we are a collective of experts who have worked in computing, software design, hardware manufacturing, social media, and much more. As a result, we can help solve Facebook problems that aren’t just related to the social media platform itself, but also questions that are more directly tied to the device you’re using, the operating system, and many other contributing factors. ExpertHelp is as close to a direct contact with Facebook as you could hope for but more helpful than it could ever be.

Wish you knew how to contact Facebook about a problem?

You don’t have to contact Facebook – ExpertHelp makes it easy

You might be wondering how ExpertHelp could claim to provide better support for problems than any official Facebook support team could. That comes down to a few factors in particular that we’re going to get into.

For one, we’re not affiliated with Facebook. This means that our experts can provide answers that look at your hardware as well as the operating system you’re using. For instance, if you can get on Facebook through your laptop but not your tablet, we can find out why that particular device isn’t working with it, and provide advice that might mean configuring settings on your device or installing certain updates. Hardware problems might necessitate the downloading of a patch or even some physical repair or maintenance that we can help instruct you on.

To provide those answer, we have a wide roster of experts that can help with a huge variety of different problems. Many of our experts have degrees in computer science, engineering, and software development. What’s more, they come from a range of industries in hardware, software, social media, and more. As a result, they are much more equipped to answer a broader range of questions including the following:

Rather than just one expert, you benefit from the help of a whole team when you get in touch with ExpertHelp. When you ask a question, you’re put directly in contact with whoever is most qualified to help, depending on the topic.

The third major advantage we have is that there are plenty of ways to get the help you’re looking for. All ExpertHelp users start by asking the question using the form at the top of this page (which can also be found all throughout the website). When you ask that question, you can choose how urgent the question is, as well as how you want it to be answered. If the question is of the utmost urgency, then we can ensure that you get the help you need even sooner, but most questions are resolved within fifteen minutes from the moment you press “send” to the moment that you’re back up and running.

In terms of preferences, you can choose to have your question answered via email, a phone call or in a live chat window on the website. Choose whichever option is most convenient for you. The quality of the answer provided doesn’t change, only the form in which you receive it.

Lastly, there’s remote help available if you need it, meaning that you can have your expert take control of your device and go through the steps they recommend themselves. If you’re not very confident with working with the advanced features of Facebook or your device, allowing the expert to take control can help you relax and get the help you need with minimal stress or fussing on your end.

There is no official Facebook customer support number

Be careful of any site that promises to provide the Facebook customer support number

If you’ve looked for a Facebook phone number, then you might have come across the number 650-543-4800. This will be provided by plenty of sites but many of them neglect to tell you that it’s not actually a customer support number.

You might think it’s odd that some sites would list a support number for Facebook, but that same number isn’t shared by the social media giant itself on any of its web pages or in its Help Center. If you try to call 650-543-4800, you are going to be met with nothing but the tone of ringing. No-one is ever going to pick up the phone and answer. This is because that isn’t an official Facebook support number, but rather a number that’s used internally by the Facebook team. It was never meant to be used by customers.

Any other numbers you see for Facebook listed online should be taken with a grain of salt. If they are legitimate Facebook phone numbers (which isn’t very likely), they are still not designed to be called by users like us. What is more likely, however, is that they may be a hoax or a scam number. There are many internet scams, such as phishing scams, that are designed to trick users into giving away sensitive data.

For instance, one common phishing scam involves the scammer making an effort to “look the part.” For instance, they may sound and speak like an official support number, offering options to provide help in a variety of subjects. However, when you tell what help you need, they may tell you to provide your username and password to them so that they can access your account.

Never share your Facebook account details. If a scammer gets hold of them, they may scour your entire account, your chat logs, and everything they can for data they can use against you. It may be used to create fake profiles in your name, to blackmail you, or even to steal things like financial information that has been shared in messages.

With the above information in mind, don’t be quick to call any number you see listed as the official Facebook support number. You aren’t going to get the answer you’re looking for and, even worse, you may be in danger of getting roped into a scam. There is no official Facebook support number. If you want direct help from Facebook, the Help Center is your only option, but ExpertHelp goes well above and beyond the help that Facebook can provide, so stick with us instead.

Here’s how our system works:

ExpertHelp provides a Facebook toll free contact number

Get direct help over the phone with any Facebook problems you encounter with no calling costs

All good support lines should be toll-free. After all, when you’re looking for support, you don’t want to spend money simply because you’re getting information that requires you to listen for long periods of time. But you also don’t want to read through a whole lesson when a toll-free number could more quickly provide only the parts of the text that are relevant to your concerns.

If you want a Facebook tool free contact number, then ExpertHelp is here to help. We do not provide the official Facebook support number, simply because it doesn’t exist. Nor are we affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Instead, we are a team of experts from fields such as social media, computing, engineering, software development, and more who come together to provide the answers that Facebook users need in a much more convenient manner.

When you use the form featured at the top of this webpage (and also available throughout the site), you are given the options of how you can have the question provided. If you select the option of having it answered by phone, then you will receive a call from us. This call comes within minutes. Since we’re the ones calling you, it’s a completely toll-free experience, so the costs of the call aren’t added to the cost of the service.

While we ensure that an expert gets in touch with you as soon as possible, we know that it might not always be a good time to call you. For that reason, an expert will first ask what is the best time to chat. This way, you can work with them through the answer at your convenience.

If you want to see how our system works as well as the kind of questions we have answered in the past, click on the Questions tab at the very top of the page. There, you can see some of the most recent questions we have answered, see the ExpertHelp system in action and look over a preview of the answer. We offer precise and concise help in the simplest and most convenient way possible. You will never need to use Facebook’s Help Center again if you get in touch with us first.

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Ask Your Facebook Question & Get An Answer Now!

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If you've got a Facebook problem, we're the ones who can sort it!

As a company with loads of experience assisting people with Facebook issues, we're confident of solving any problem you might have. Thousands upon thousands of Facebook users have come to us with their questions. We work tirelessly and quickly to ensure their questions are answered to the best of our ability.

What sets us apart from other Facebook support providers is the sheer range of issues we tackle. Our team doesn't just specify in one particular area, we can solve anything, including common problems like:

Typically, when you approach Facebook for advice, they don't offer complete solutions. Furthermore, they refuse to help with any Facebook problems that are related to your computer or the device you're using Facebook on. We're not affiliated with the social network, so we'll even help with issues caused by your devices.

All of these problems are highly common amongst Facebook users. But, our assistance doesn't end there. Feel free to ask any questions related to Facebook support and one of our Expert advisers will talk you through the ideal solution. It's a fast and effective service that requires very little effort on your behalf. Just ask your question, indicate how urgent it is, and choose the method of contact from us. We'll call, email, or live chat with you - depending on your preference.

There's no problem too big or small for us to solve. If you're a Facebook user that's struggling in some regard, get in touch with us today. We'll help make things easier for you, and ensure you get the most out of Facebook. ExpertHelp offers a cost-effective service that's so simple to use. Don't get left in the dark waiting for answers to your questions. In most cases, we can answer your query within 15 minutes. This gives you more time to connect with people on Facebook and ensures you spend less time waiting around for support.

Make the smart choice, get live help for Facebook now, and enjoy unlimited free follow-up questions once your issue is solved.