As usual, I can't find any documentation on this issue. I would like to pass variables between the client and server. Passing from client to...

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As usual, I can't find any documentation on this issue. I would like to pass variables between the client and server. Passing from client to server is simple: post data to a different frame (or same) and have ASP process DB query. However, I would like to return the results from the query back to the calling page without having to refresh it. I've tried using Cookies, but it isn't working. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Greg
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Matthew Pomar
Customer Support
Actually Greg there is a way but probably not what you'd expected.

Have you ever heard of Microsoft Remote Scripting? It is a way to call a function on an ASP page and retrieve it's results without refreshing the client page. I would say it bridges the gap bewteen client and server-side pages.

As example of how RS could be used is pretend we had two list boxes, one Automobile Make, and the other Model. Let's say we'd like to populate the list of Models after we select the Make. Well that's easy enough if we were going to post the results of the first selection to itself, but if you wanted to change the list dyanamically without refreshing the page, we could use Remote Scripting.

With JavaScript and DHTML we can use the onChange event of the first listbox to call a function on another ASP page that was to supply the recordset of the second listbox. By changing the selection in the Make listbox, the onChange event could send the value to the remote function, the remote function could return the HTML that generates the second listbox and using DHTML, create the the second listbox.

You can learn more about Remote Scripting on the Microsoft web site as wells as see some examples:

I hope this helps.

Matthew Pomar
Greg, I think what you want to do is impossible, however, the below may be close to what you want to do:
1) use inline frame, separate html page, refresh only it, your surrounding html does not refresh
2) assuming "intranet", use RDS data access methods, then database access is directly from the browser

it sounded like you already had a pretty creative idea, and this post is so old, perhaps you probably have already done what you wanted to do


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