Hello all, Maybe I'm trying to do the impossible here, but I'm trying to write a script to open and write html to a new window. Within the head...

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Hello all, Maybe I'm trying to do the impossible here, but I'm trying to write a script to open and write html to a new window. Within the head section of that new window needs to be some javascript, but, in at least in Navigator 4.75, the javascript doesn't get written into the new window. The script tags are stripped and the code shows up as clear text. Any ideas? Here's a copy of the code in the parent document function newwin() { playWin=window.open("","exwin","width=600,height=200,status,resizable"); playWin.document.open(); playWin.document.write(" " + "" + " " + "" + "" + " " + "Body" + " " + " "); playWin.document.close(); playWin.focus(); } and here's the source of the window it creates: Body
Aw, the bbs stripped the code out of my example. How in the heck does a javascript bbs work if it interprets your code samples? [sigh]. Still, if this is familiar to anyone, I'd appreciate some pointers (and maybe some pointers about how to post code samples!).

Matthew Pomar
Customer Support
Chuck, Were you using Inernet Explorer or Netscape to post your question here at devForums? Regards, Matthew Pomar
Um, Netscape 4.75. I could have been a bit more diplomatic before. Sorry, it's been a rough week. Also, if you're in debug mode, I clicked "reply" to your message a minute ago, got a subject window of "Re:" and received the following error when posting the line above. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ','. D:\WEBS\DEVFORUMS\WWW\DISCUSS\../_library/library.asp, line 364


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