Bose unit is connected to TV, when remote is used to turn ON TV. I get the message, FAILED 802 CALL BOSE, than message. BOSE LIFE STYLE. Unit than...

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Bose unit is connected to TV, when remote is used to turn ON TV. I get the message, FAILED 802 CALL BOSE, than message. BOSE LIFE STYLE. Unit than has to be completely turned off and then turned on again for unit and TV to work Properly. HELP

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Elixir Cada
Bose Expert

Hello and welcome to! My name is Elixir Cada and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction!

Before we get started, I want to remind you is an independent professional support company. We are not associated with Bose nor are we paid to provide support on their behalf. However, we have helped hundreds of customers with similar questions and believe we can help you too. OK, let’s get started! :)

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Elixir Cada
Bose Expert

Hi Jack,

The error means that the harddrive is at fault. You can try to reset the unit first unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet and wait for 1 minute. Plug the power back in. Allow the system 5-10 minutes to re-initialize before using. Check the issue again.

You may reply to me by entering your message in the box at the top then hit the send response button to send.

Elixir Cada
Bose Expert

Dear Jack, It was a pleasure helping you with your Bose issue today. Here is a summary of the resolution.
Issue identified : cx getting error 802 on the BOSE system
Solution Implemented : called cx and provided him steps to reset the unit by unpluggin the power cord from the outlet then press the power button for 20 secs. cx followed the steps and same error message appeart. told cx that the HDD needs to be replaced. Provided cx BOSE support number 1- ***-***-**** and two repair centers in Arizona. Answer accepted. 
If issue resurfaces in next 30 days, come back to this Question page and let me know. If you are unable to find your way back to this Question page, please contact our customer support either by email (s** OR call us at ***-***-****



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