Okay, kind of niche question here - but this is for someone who knows details about Facebook Community Standards policies for 'spam' or 'fraud'. I...

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Okay, kind of niche question here - but this is for someone who knows details about Facebook Community Standards policies for 'spam' or 'fraud'.

I have 3 facebook groups;

  1. Louis Vuitton Under $200 Worldwide Buy, Sell & Chat (56,000 members)
  2. Luxury Brand Obsessed: Live Sales, Giveaways and Chat! (10,500 members)
  3. VIP Vuitton; Buy, Sell & Chat. (7,500 members)

Facebook has now deleted our #1 group; deleted a backup group we made, and then now is targeting our #2 group.

I have no idea why! After many ignored facebook support messages; we got a message from a support staff member asking us to appeal the group. However we still have no idea why it was deleted in the first place.

I have racked my brains; and considered the following possible interpretations that might be thought of as spam:

    • Buy/Sell group. --> Some members, instead of posting in the Buy/Sell format, they post as a discussion, and post pictures in comments. Could this artifically keep bumping the posts and cause facebook the call this spam?
  1. We have live sales in our groups. We only EVER had one in the large group; and when asked to delete violating content, we deleted all videos or links in the group. The group was still deleted. - Could live sales be interpreted as spam?
  2. We have been recently advertising our sister groups in the larger group. Posting up "blah blah blah is happening in +++ group! Drop on by! [link] -> Could facebook call this spam?
  3. We did do some giveaway competitions/charity raffles. One raffle was for a dog shelter (100% proceeds going to the shelter) - while we have done giveaways saying 'join our new group and you will be in the running' kind of thing. We have NOT done that for a very long time, but perhaps is someone reported our group, a facebook bot picked it up? We have since deleted all those videos, however upon the review of the large group - facebook deleted the group anyway.

None of this really makes any sense, but I would like to ask if an expert knows if this similar thing has ever happened before for a facebook group owner? If we knew what was wrong, we would take steps to comply to facebook Standards, but we have been doing this for around 3 years without any troubles.

Best, Jonathan.

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Rofel Lantican

Hello and welcome to ExpertHelp.com! My name is Rofel Lantican and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction!

Before we get started, I want to remind you ExpertHelp.com is an independent professional support company. We are not associated with Facebook nor are we paid to provide support on their behalf. However, we have helped hundreds of customers with similar questions and believe we can help you too. OK, let’s get started! :)

I’m available to chat now. Please let me know that you are ready by posting a response. I’ll leave my chat session open for the next 15 minutes or so and wait for your reply. If I don’t catch you this time, please respond with a few times (including your timezone) that work best for you and we can connect then.

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Hey Rofel - I'm here now.

Rofel Lantican

Hi Jonathan,

Im calling you right now on the number that you provided  ***-***-**** 67

Rofel Lantican

Dear Jonathan, It was a pleasure helping you with your Facebook issue today. Here is a summary of the resolution.

Issue identified : Customer wants to know the possible reason why the group has been deleted / disabled

Solution Implemented : Called the customer / Advised customer that it is possible that someone reported the buy and sell group that they are selling fake products, someone might reported it as a scam or fraud group, Facebook detected that it is spamming the live selling video by sharing the video to different groups / Advised customer to send an appeal to Facebook so that his group page can be re-enable / Advised to change the group name / Customer understand / No other issues raised / Issue Resolved / Answer Accepted

If issue resurfaces : If issue resurfaces in next 30 days, come back to this Question page and let me know. If you are unable to find your way back to this Question page, please contact our customer support either by email (s**t@experthelp.com) OR call us at ***-***-**** .



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