just got HM1700 when charging the light blinks red and unit will not turn on

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just got HM1700 when charging the light blinks red and unit will not turn on

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Still having problems with new unit... Please advise... Thanks.

Melissa Pilones
Samsung Expert


My name is Melissa and I will assist you with your concern.

  1. Connect the travel adapter to the 1 charging socket on
    the headset.
  2. Plug the travel adapter in to the wall outlet. During
    charging, the indicator light will turn red. If charging
    does not begin, unplug the travel adapter and plug
    it in again.
  3. When the headset is fully charged, the red indicator
    light changes to blue. Unplug the travel adapter from
    the wall outlet and the headset.


  • Use only Samsung-approved chargers. Unauthorized or Non-Samsung chargerscould cause damage to the headset or in extreme circumstances an explosion, it could also invalidate any warranty on the product.
  • Repeatedly charging and discharging of the headset, over time will cause thebattery performance to diminish. This is normal for all rechargeable batteries.
  • Never make or receive calls while charging, always disconnect your headset from the charger and answer the call.

If the headset does not fully charge turn on during charging... it may be the headset and the travel adapter may not have been connected properly.Separate the headset from the travel adapter, reconnect, and charge the headset.

If you have questions please let me know. If I were able to assist you identify the issue and provide information on how to resolve this, I request you show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the green Accept Answer button right below my first response

Thank you,



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