I have been given free expert help now need to talk to expert what do I do ? For a BMW

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I have been given free expert help now need to talk to expert what do I do ? For a BMW

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Jenny Muralidharan
Customer Support

Hello Dennis, thank you for allowing ExpertHelp another opportunity to help you with your BMW request. Please be assured we are trying our best to connect you to an Expert qualified to resolve the issue. We regret the wait. 

Please also be assured should we remain not successful in finding you appropriate assistance within the next 24 hours, we will refund the phone support upgrade purchased for $50. For billing assistance if any, in the meanwhile simply email us at s**t@experthelp.com

Charles Totherow

Hello and welcome to ExpertHelp.com! My name is Charles Totherow and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction!

Before we get started, I want to remind you ExpertHelp.com is an independent professional support company. We are not associated with nor are we paid to provide support on their behalf. However, we have helped hundreds of customers with similar questions and believe we can help you too. OK, let’s get started! :)

I’ll be giving you a call soon. If I don’t catch you this time, please reply with a few times (including your timezone) that work best for you and we can connect then.

Charles Totherow

If you have the belts off, you can check each spindle and spin them freely or just turn mayne 180 degrees to see which one is making the sound of a bearing going out.  Most of the time this happens with AC compressors.



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