How do i release the emergency parking lever to put gear in neutral ?

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How do i release the emergency parking lever to put gear in neutral ?

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Charles Totherow
BMW Mechanic

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Charles Totherow
BMW Mechanic

Unlock transmission lock electronically

Step on the brake during the entire ulocking procedure.
The transmission lock can only be unlocked as long as the starter audibly and evenly
turns, but the engine is not running.
To prevent the engine from starting during a turning starter, the fuel pump fuse can be
pulled if necessary. See fuse box installation location
 Overview of luggage compartment
1. Step on the brake pedal.
2. Press start/stop button.
Starter turns for about 20 seconds.
3. Press unlock button 1, arrow 1, and hold pressed during the entire unlocking.
4. Move selector lever to the N position for at least 4 seconds. An acoustic signal or a
text message is output, depending on the vehicle.
5. Move the selector lever back to its initial setting.
6. Move the selector lever to position N again briefly and then move back to the initial
7. Release unlock button. The display on the selector lever shows N.
The transmission lock is now unlocked.
8. Take foot off brake pedal.
The starter stops turning. The vehicle can now be rolled.
The transmission lock is unlocked for approx. 15 minutes. The unlocking of the
transmission lock extends by approx. 15 minutes for every detected rotational
movement of the vehicle. The exact duration of the unlocking depends on the state of
charge of the vehcile battery.


The BMW216i stucked on my dyno is a 2019 model. B38 engine. F46 model. VIN WBA6V120405P14471.

The ecu received a corrupted file during programming hence, the starter motor doesnt start. so i cant work it with your prescribed steps.  

Is there a manual lever to put it to neutral?

Plan view of the transmission with Intake box removed 


I am in Singapore. My time zone is GMT +8.  

Charles Totherow
BMW Mechanic

I apologize I haven’t be able to offer you the most helpful support on this issue. I have requested another Expert to step in and continue assisting you on your bmw question. I appreciate your patience while your new Expert prepares to assist you. When your newly assigned Expert is ready, you will be notified via email and you can continue support for your issue. You may also leave this chat page open and check for your new Experts messages

Charles Totherow
BMW Mechanic

I have not giving up on your question I am geting the correct answer now sorry for taking so long.

Charles Totherow
BMW Mechanic

Please have a look at the link below to resolve this issue.



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