I was hacked on a Facebook account some time back and then couldn’t get in on my Facebook account…….I noticed that there was a second email address...

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I was hacked on a Facebook account some time back and then couldn’t get in on my Facebook account…….I noticed that there was a second email address associated with my account that is not mine coming from another State…... So I went through the steps of Changing my email & password and got that done and have done it a number of times over the last several weeks….. when I entered the new email and password it allows me to get in but then ask for a second verification CODE and To get the authorization code or the get a code you have to get the Code generator to SMS the code to you by text …..I have tried this number of times but it doesn’t show up …. Get on the help menu and it walk you through many options but basically says to login to your account on Facebook and turn on the Code generator option……… IF I COULD LOG INTO MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT I WOULD NOT NEED THE 2nd VERIFICATION CODE TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!! It’s and ENDLESS CIRCLE!!! Have tried 100s of different things from using my wife’s account to access to filing harassment from her account against myself to trying to download a 3rd party code generator (which I don’t understand and never got anywhere with) ….IM SURE THERE IS A SIMPLE WAY………but I NEED HELP !!! ??????? Thanks

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Ferdinand Aquino
Facebook Expert

Hello and welcome to ExpertHelp.com! My name is Ferdinand Aquino and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction!

Before we get started, I want to remind you ExpertHelp.com is an independent professional support company. We are not associated with Facebook nor are we paid to provide support on their behalf. However, we have helped hundreds of customers with similar questions and believe we can help you too. OK, let’s get started! :)

I’m available to chat now. Please let me know that you are ready by posting a response. I’ll leave my chat session open for the next 15 minutes or so and wait for your reply. If I don’t catch you this time, please respond with a few times (including your timezone) that work best for you and we can connect then.

Ferdinand Aquino
Facebook Expert

Hi Charles,

May we ask what email are you currently using, the one that asks for verification code?

I will wait for your response and check the possible options to log back in.


Kind Regards,




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