My 2013 Kia optima hybrid randomly loses acceleration and I have to pull over. All I have to do it turn it off then on and it works fine again. On...

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My 2013 Kia optima hybrid randomly loses acceleration and I have to pull over. All I have to do it turn it off then on and it works fine again. On the dashboard the hybrid system warning shows up. Throughout the years it did the same thing but not it happens frequently.

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Elixir Cada
Kia Mechanic

Hello and welcome to! My name is Elixir Cada and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction!

I’m available to chat now. Please let me know that you are ready by posting a response. I’ll leave my chat session open for the next 15 minutes or so and wait for your reply. If I don’t catch you this time, please respond with a few times (including your timezone) that work best for you and we can connect then.

Elixir Cada
Kia Mechanic

hi Guillermo,

Thank you for waiting.

Symptoms of the "Check Hybrid System" alert include:

  • Reduced speed and acceleration.
  • The hybrid technology is not working, and your vehicle operates purely on gasoline.
  • Fuel efficiency is reduced.
  • The vehicle enters limp mode.

First thing to check is the Hybrid fuse that is connected to the batteries. Replace the fuse if necessary. If the light still goes on or comes on again in the near time, i suggest that you take the car to an autoshop and have the vehicle scanned using a scan tool. This will point the main issue of the vehicle. 

In my personal experience, once the hybrid light turns on, the most common issue would be the hybrid fuse, battery (one of the modules in the battery pack has a defective cell), worst is the electric motor or transmission. 

Let me know if you have further questions. 


When I did my research I found out that Kias and Hyundais have had issues with the fuses needing to be replaced from a 125 amp to a 150 amp. I believe mine was replaced years ago because I took my car to get fixed for a different issue and they left the old safety plug/fuse in it. Are there cases where fuses need to be replaced more than one time? I also failed to mention that my car has been leaking coolant. I check it and refill it about every other day. Could that be a reason why it's having that issue too?

Elixir Cada
Kia Mechanic

Fuse normally gone bad due to wear and tear overtime. I suggest that you replaced it first because that is the most common issue for Kia and hyundai. 

Leaking coolant has nothing to do with loosing acceleration. But you might need to have it checked as well because that might cause the vehicle to overheat in the long run.

Let me know if you have further questions. 



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