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I have the Htc ChaCha, it'll load everyone elses messages except a particular person (my boyfriends). We have texted 6800 times, and i restart my phone and wait as long as possible but still nothing. I have 14 messages i can't see from him, and i don't particularly want to delete them. Help?

Glenn Barcebal
Smartphone Tech

Thank you for your question. I'll do my best to assist you.

Have you downloaded some apps recently that might be causing this problem? See if your phone has a feature to block messages cause some phone has. If it doesn't have, you can try putting your SIM card into a different handset and see if you will receive it using a different phone. If same thing will happen, it most probably your and his network provider is the one that is having an issue with and you will have to report that to them.

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Thanks again.


Ask your own Smartphone question and Get An Answer NOW!