Says WordPerfect 6 ends in unusual way

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Says WordPerfect 6 ends in unusual way

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Rofel Lantican


Thank you for contacting ExpertHelp LLC. My name is Rofel and I am here to help you resolve your issues. Please wait while I prepare my answer for you. I might ask you to provide additional information if needed so I could provide you the steps that will resolve this issue. Appreciate your patience.

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Rofel Lantican

Thanks for waiting. If you are getting this error message Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! you need to install the Service Pack 1 update to fix this issue.

alt text

You can download and install the Service Pack 1 update using this link > WordPerfect Office X6 Patch Download

If I were able to assist you and provide information on how to resolve this, I request you show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the Green Accept Answer button at the top right below my first response.



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