my iphone 3GS keeps going to voice control and then switching to different screens.

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my iphone 3GS keeps going to voice control and then switching to different screens.

Matthew Pomar
Apple Certified Tech

Thanks for your question. I'll do my best to help you.

Can you tell me if you are using earphones when the phone goes to voice control? If you don't use the ear phones, does it still act up? If so, this is a problem I have had myself, which was caused by faulty earphones. If this is not the case, can you describe your problem in a little more detail?

If you can provide this information for me, we can take the next steps to helping you. I'll be right here for you when you are ready to proceed.

Matthew Pomar


I am not using earphones when it goes to voice control. Right now if i turn it on, it starts talking with voice control and keeps switching to other pages. Sometimes the home button works-no always. I checked the accessibility setting to turn voice control OFF, but it was already off. I have restored phone about 10 times. Gets better for a bit then starts right back.



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