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the RAM of my device is full & the memory card is empty.I am finding out no way to move apps from RAM to Memory Card-neither by the app developer nor Inside the app manager in settings.thus I am left behind with a hanging sluggish & warming DEVICE

Jenny Muralidharan
Customer Support

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Rodel Guzman
Samsung Expert


Sorry to keep you waiting.

There is no way to actually use the memory card as "RAM". If you are pertaining to your phone's Internal Memory, you can move SOME apps by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications

From here Tap the All tab at the top. This will show the full list of your apps. You can now scroll down and find ones you want to move from your internal storage to the MicroSD card.

If you see the button but it’s greyed out, this means that the app doesn’t support this Move to SD feature.

NOW, to free RAM, you need to delete Apps that you are not using.

Please tell me if this helped you or if you need more assistance.


Ask your own Samsung question and Get An Answer NOW!