Emerson EM744 tablet will not unlock.

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Emerson EM744 tablet will not unlock.

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Abe Pastor


Thank you for contacting ExpertHelp LLC. My name is Abe and I am here to help you resolve your issues. Please wait while I prepare my answer for you. I might ask you to provide additional information if needed so I could provide you the steps that will resolve this issue. Appreciate your patience.

Abe Pastor

Thank you for waiting. Are you referring to a locked screen or your tablet is unresponsive? You can respond to me by using the blue 'Reply' button from right below this message. Thanks.

Abe Pastor

Hi, were you able to read my last message?

Abe Pastor

Hi, just in case your screen is unresponsive or your screen is locked you may have to remove the battery for about 30 to 45 seconds and this may reset the device and may also delete the password. Remember, this doesn't always work and the best solution to resolve screen locked issues is doing a reset on the device. To reset the device:

Look on the back of the EM744 near the micro SD slot for the reset pinhole marked with a small R. Insert a small safety pin in the pinhole and the EM744 will initiate a reset. That should reboot the device and reactivate your device.

Another way to do a hard reset on the device:

Emerson EM744 Factory Data Reset

If you have set a password on your tablet and forgotten the password, follow the instructions below to reset the tablet
to factory settings. Please note: this will erase all data on the tablet including the password settings, any saved apps,
photos, videos and any other saved information. Once finished, the tablet will be restored to factory default settings
including all factory preinstalled apps. Any apps you have purchased and/or downloaded to the tablet will need to be
reinstalled manually when finished.

IMPORTANT: make sure you have charged the tablet for at least one hour before performing this reset.

  1. Make sure the tablet is powered OFF. You can double check this by quick-pressing the power button to see if the
    tablet is still powered on.

    1. Press and HOLD the [VOL+] button and then the [POWER] button and hold them together for approximately 8

      full seconds. Release both buttons when the Emerson logo shows on the screen. Wait for the “Android Dead

      Bot Screen” to show:

  2. When this screen shows, press and HOLD the [POWER] button and then the [VOL+] button together and release
    both buttons. At this point the “Android system recovery” screen will show on the tablet:
  3. Use the [VOLUME] buttons to scroll through the selections. Scroll to option "wipe data/factory reset" then
    press the [POWER] button to confirm the selection. Wait until the confirmation screen shows:
  4. Use the [VOLUME] buttons to scroll to "Yes -- delete all user data", then press the [POWER] button to confirm
    the selection. Wait for the "Android System recovery utility" screen to show:
  5. Use the [VOLUME] buttons to navigate to "Reboot system now", then use the [POWER] button to make the
  6. The tablet will power down then back on and the Emerson logo will show. The tablet will take a few minutes to
    reload the original factory settings. DO NOT press anything on the tablet while this is happening. Wait for the
    startup screen to show:
  7. Your EM744 tablet has now been reset to its original factory settings. You may proceed as if the tablet is new.

NOTE: Although you can start using the tablet, it might be installing the pre-loaded factory apps for a few minutes. If you
encounter a problem with any apps, wait a few minutes as they might still be installing.

You can view the steps with pictures on this link:

Hard reset an Emerson EM744 Tablet

I hope that you would be able to view the solution and the information provided helps. Please let me know if you need further assistance and if you find the answer helpful, please do not forget to show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the green Accept Answer button right below my first response above. Thank you.

Accept Answer button right below my first response above. Thank you.



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