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Our tax preparers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your tax preparation questions are answered accurately and completely, and your tax preparation service needs are handled promptly and professionally.

Our certified tax preparation professionals will take the time to gather all of your financial details to better maximize your refund. They will discuss the health of your finances and present the most appropriate filing options. They will then work with your budget and schedule to ensure you have a stress-free, tax preparation experience.

There’s no other place you can get your tax questions answered 24/7 by live tax professionals and get free tax service quotes from tax professionals who compete for your business! Get help with tax preparation, tax filing, tax planning, support for an IRS audit or inquiry, and tax consulting. ExpertHelp is your one-stop-shop for all your tax service needs!

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Ask A Question

1. Ask A Question

Enter your tax preparation question. Make sure to enter as much detail as possible as this will only help your tax preparer provide the best answer possible, as soon as possible.

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2. Make A Selection

You get to select how quickly your tax preparation question will be answered. Lower priority questions cost less. Higher priority questions cost more. Prices start at $27.00.

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3. Get An Answer

Depending on the priority you selected, a tax preparer will be assigned immediately and go to work answering your tax prep question.

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Featured Tax Preparer

Ryan Parker, EA

Ryan Parker, EA

Ryan is a tax nerd and Turbo Tax whiz. He worked two tax seasons fielding questions of all types as a Turbo Tax Expert for Intuit and has been in private practice currently specializing in IRS representation as an Enrolled Agent for four years now.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Chat with a tax pro online now, or compare free tax prep service quotes.