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Where to Find Facebook Support Chat: Not On Facebook

You Can't Rely on Facebook for Support Via Chat, So Come to ExpertHelp Instead

Live chat has grown exponentially as a popular way to provide customer support. Companies are using chatbots and human representatives to give their customers the answers that they need. It's a faster way to get support, particularly when you have a common question that can be quickly answered by either a chatbot or a person who knows their stuff. More and more people are beginning to expect websites to have a chat option for support, along with other choices, such as social media, email and telephone. But if you have a problem with Facebook, don't expect to discover a live chat option.

When it comes to providing support for everyday users, Facebook don't do much in the way of direct support. Their two main support options are the Facebook Help Center and the possibility of reporting a problem that you experience. If you report a problem, you might or might not eventually receive a reply. There is one live chat option that Facebook has available. However, it's only for a certain type of person: business users. If you pay Facebook for any of their services, you can use live chat to ask them about any problems. If you're just a normal Facebook user who uses it for personal things, there's no chat option for you.

Fortunately, there's help from others when Facebook lets you down. ExpertHelp gives you the option of getting Facebook support via chat. When you ask us a question about Facebook, you can choose to talk to your Expert using chat to get your answers quickly and efficiently. Chat is often a preferred option for support because you can get the advice that you need written out clearly and receive step-by-step instructions for solving a problem or carrying out an action.

With our live chat function, you can speak to one of our knowledgeable Experts about any Facebook problems that you're having. They know all that there is to know about Facebook and many topics related to it as well. Many of our Experts have degrees in related subjects, and plenty of experience dealing with issues about Facebook and more. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the answer you receive, and refund your money if you're not. You can keep coming back to use for further help too.

It's easy to use our live chat support to get help on Facebook. All you need to do is ask a question, then choose your priority and decide how you want to talk to an Expert. Many people prefer to use live chat, although we also have email and phone options if that's how you like to communicate. ExpertHelp gives you the answer that you need to your query, and you can then ask any follow-up questions that you need to. Live chat helps you to deal with your Facebook problems in your own time and get them sorted quickly.

Are You Trying to Track Down a Facebook Support Email?

ExpertHelp Offers Support On Facebook Issues Over Email To Meet All Of Your Needs

For those who don't want to communicate using live chat, email can be more convenient. You can read an email whenever it's most suitable for you, so it doesn't have to interrupt your day. Email has been a reliable way to get in touch with people for more than two decades now for many, and it's the go-to for those who don't want or need to call someone for immediate answers. However, when it comes to official support from Facebook, they are reluctant to provide even email. They do have a messaging system for support, but you only receive a message from them if you first report a problem.

If you want real answers from real people, there isn't a reliable way for you to contact Facebook support. You need to turn somewhere else for help, and that's how ExpertHelp can be there for you. When you use our services, you can choose to communicate with an Expert via email. That means you can read the answer that you receive whenever you want. If you have any follow-up questions, you can ask them whenever you want to. Our Experts can help you with any Facebook issue, and they're knowledgeable about all things online and technical too. If your problem turns out not to be related to Facebook, they will still help you to solve the issue.

Email is an excellent way to provide support if it's your preferred method of contact. You can have all of the instructions that you need written down in front of you, making it easy to do whatever you need to do. Whether you have a problem to solve or you just need to know how to do something, like setting up a Facebook page, having an email that you can look at and keep for as long as you want is very helpful. ExpertHelp can help you with many different Facebook subjects, from registering on the site to deleting your account.

You're guaranteed a quick response from ExpertHelp, no matter how you want to communicate with us. You get to decide how urgent your question is and set its priority so that you can get answers when you need them. Whether you need an answer to your question right away or you're happy to wait a while, it's up to you how quickly you get your answer.

You can find out more about our services by taking a look at some other questions that people have asked and even seeing some of our top Experts. You can see how many questions our Experts have answered and their "Expert Level", which shows you just how knowledgeable and experienced they are. It's super easy to get started on ExpertHelp. Just ask us a question, and we'll do the rest. No matter what you need to know and your own level of knowledge, we offer easy to understand advice and instructions that are simply to follow.

Can You Contact Facebook By Phone?

Facebook's Phone Number Doesn't Exist, But We Can Help With All Your Facebook Queries

If you search for a phone number for Facebook, you will discover that you're out of luck. You might find a phone number connected to Facebook, but it won't be a support number that you can use if you need help. The only numbers you'll be able to find are those that are connected with Facebook's offices. Unless you're looking to make a business deal with Facebook or maybe write a newspaper article about them, these won't be much use for you. If anyone answers your call, they will likely direct you to Facebook's support options online.

Unfortunately, even their online support options may not be very helpful for you. If you can't find what they need in their Help Center and you don't want to report a specific problem, and perhaps wait a long time for a response, you'll be left wondering what steps to take next. If you can't rely on Facebook to help you out with Facebook matters, who can you rely on? Fortunately, ExpertHelp does offer you a phone option if you prefer to have your questions answered over the phone. If you want to speak to someone, we can give you a call back to help you with the problem you're having.

We can guide you over the phone to help with a wide range of Facebook issues. Talk to us about how to change your profile photo, why Facebook isn't loading properly or how to download the Facebook app onto your phone. Even if your question is only slightly related to Facebook, we can get everything sorted for you in no time at all. Even though many people prefer to use our email and chat functions, talking on the phone is the best option for many. That's why we make sure we offer a choice, so that you can use the communication method that you feel most comfortable with.

It doesn't matter how you choose to have ExpertHelp contact you. You get the same excellent level of customer service, whether you talk to one of our Experts on the phone, through email or using live chat. We want to make sure that you always get the answers you need as quickly and accurately as possible. Simply choose your priority level when you ask a question and decide how you want your answer, and our knowledgeable Experts will lend a hand.

You don't need direct access to Facebook via phone if you have a question about using the social network. With ExpertHelp, you can get all of the information that you need, however you want it presented to you. Our Experts don't work for Facebook, so they can give you even more accurate information, without any company bias. Facebook might be reluctant to admit that certain problems exist, but our Experts are happy to discuss known problems and help you to find the solutions.

Seeking Out The Facebook Contact Email? Find The Support You Need

ExpertHelp Answers All Of Your Facebook Questions Via Email, Live Chat Or Phone

You would think that email might be one of the easiest support services to provide, but Facebook disagrees. You won't find an official support email address if you want to contact Facebook support. Instead, you're usually left to try and solve any Facebook issues largely on your own. But you're not alone with ExpertHelp available to assist you. We provide email support, as well as the option to communicate through live chat or have one of our Experts call you for a chat.

Our Experts deal in all things Facebook, and can also help you with anything that's not directly related to Facebook. Maybe you think you have a Facebook problem, but it's actually your internet connection or the device you're using that's causing a problem for you. Our Experts can still help you, even if your question has a completely different answer to the one that you were expecting. If you're confused or frustrated, one of our Experts will quickly untangle everything and give you clear instructions to correct your problem. It couldn't be simpler with our three-step process that's designed to get you the answers you need quickly.

Some of the Facebook questions we can answer include those relating to:

If you choose to communicate with our Experts via email, we make sure you speak to a real person every time. The closest option on Facebook is usually to report an issue via their "Report an Issue" function. You might then get a message back into your "Support Inbox" telling you that the issue is resolved or suggesting what you might be able to do. However, reporting a problem might not get you a proper respond. Facebook aren't really equipped to provide individual responses to the more than one billion people who use the site.

Ask ExpertHelp your Facebook question, and we will deliver personal service that gets to the route of your issue. Our friendly Experts will listen to your concerns and find the best solution to help you get on with your day. Whether you want to ask a question about Facebook or something else, get in touch to ask a question and find out how we can help you. You're in control of the service you receive, with options to select your priority for how quickly you receive an answer and the communication method used for us to contact you. There's no need for the official Facebook support options when ExpertHelp can give you much better advice.


Wondering How to Contact Facebook Directly?

Dealing With Facebook Problems Doesn't Have To Be Hard With ExpertHelp

When you're looking for ways to contact Facebook directly, you can hit plenty of dead ends. You ask yourself how do I contact Facebook, but the answers that you discover - or don't discover - just frustrate you. You're no closer to finding a direct way to get in touch with someone at Facebook so that you can get a question answered or a problem corrected. The truth is that there are a couple of direct ways to contact Facebook, but they're likely to be less than satisfactory. ExpertHelp picks up the slack where Facebook lets you down.

Facebook has a couple of ways you're supposed to be able to get support from them. The most direct ways to get in touch are reserved for paying customers. So if you use Facebook advertising, you have the option of using their live chat, for example. But normal users don't have this option. What you can do is report an issue to Facebook, to which you might receive a reply through the support inbox. However, this isn't a very personal way to get the help you need. Facebook says that they might reach out for more information - or they might just send you a message saying that the problem is resolved. This isn't much use if you need someone to actually give you advice on how to fix something or perform a task.

For the times when you need instructions, Facebook will direct you to their Help Center. This is a part of their website that has lots of articles on different issues so that you can supposedly find the right information when you have a problem or a question. However, this resource often isn't as useful as you might hope it would be. There's lots of information there, but that can often be more of a hindrance than a help. The information isn't tailored to you, so searching through it all to find the answer you need can prove to be fruitless. It's extremely frustrating to search around for what you need, when you just want someone to provide you with a direct answer.

ExpertHelp gives you an alternative, so that you don't have to waste so much time trying to get the answers that you need. Instead of trying to find the answers yourself, you can ask one of our Experts, who will give you the information that you need. Why waste your time searching and reading because you can't contact Facebook directly? You can get your answers given straight to you by an Expert who has plenty of knowledge and experience relating to Facebook and similar subjects.

You might not have any great ways to contact Facebook directly, but you can still solve any problems or questions that you might have. Ask our Experts your question and decide how important it is. Then all you need to do is choose whether you prefer email, live chat or phone to receive your answer.

Get the Information You Need On How to Contact Facebook About a Problem

When You Need Answers From Facebook, ExpertHelp Gets Your Problems And Questions Sorted

Facebook is a very useful tool. Whether you use it in your personal life to keep up with friends and family, manage a community group or event or promote products or services that you sell, you can do a lot with it. However, just because it's very useful, it doesn't mean that it's completely without its problems. Things can go wrong, and you need to be able to access the right help when they do. Even if everything is working as it should, you can still have times when you need to know how to do something, and it's important that you can find the information that you require.

Facebook does provide their Help Center, which is full of articles about all kinds of topics. However, while it's meant to be useful, the amount of information it has is also what makes it difficult to use. With so much information available, just sifting through it all could get you turned around, confused and maybe following the wrong advice. Plus, the answers you want might not even be there. The Help Center might not be as helpful as you want it to be. Instead, you could be looking for how to contact Facebook support. However, rather than waste your time trying to do this, it's much smarter to get the help that you need from a more direct source.

When you use ExpertHelp, you don't have to waste your time trying to extract the right information. You get it handed to you when you need it, so that you can put the advice into action as soon as possible. Ask your question, and you will get an Expert who will commit themselves to helping you for as long as you need it. Once you ask your question and choose the priority and your method of communication (live chat, email or phone), you will get an Expert who has a wealth of knowledge to answer your question. You can ask as many questions as you like following your first one if you still need help or clarification. Our Experts are full of knowledge about Facebook and other tech issues too. They offer you the answers that you need quickly and efficiently. You get advice in clear and easy to digest language so that you can easily follow any instructions.

In just minutes after asking your question at ExpertHelp, someone will answer your question. There's no need to spend hours on Google or trying to search the Facebook Help Center. When you need Facebook support, make sure you get what you need right away. ExpertHelp doesn't make you wait around or give you complicated and too technical information. We give you straightforward advice that helps you to fix your problems and get the job done. Contact ExpertHelp to get the assistance that you need.

Is There A Facebook Customer Support Number?

Get A Human Response When You Need Help With Anything Related To Facebook

When you need help, especially if it's with something technical you want the most direct way to get the help that you need. Having to spend a long time searching or going back and forth with someone who should be helping you just feels like a waste of your time. Even worse, sometimes you can't even find out how to talk to an actual person. If you're looking for a Facebook customer support number, don't bother looking for an official number from Facebook. Instead, turn to ExpertHelp for friendly and accurate advice. We offer the option of one of our Experts speaking to you over the phone, although you can also choose email or live chat options.

When you ask ExpertHelp about an issue you're having with Facebook, you know you're speaking to a real person. You won't just get stock answers, and you won't be brushed off and told to go elsewhere. Our Experts are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also do their best to provide excellent customer service to everyone that they help. You can make a real connection with our Experts, however you choose to talk to them. They don't simply supply you with an answer and then leave you. If you want any more help or you've tried something that hasn't worked, you can still ask any questions that you might have remaining.

If you do decide to try and find an official support number for Facebook, you're not likely to be very lucky. Any number you do find won't be a support number, so calling it won't do much. You will either simply hear it ring for a while, and no one will pick up, or someone might answer and you'll get a random person in an office who can't help you anyway. Facebook isn't set up to provide personal support, so don't expect to get it from them.

ExpertHelp can answer any question that you have about Facebook. We can also help with related issues or even anything that has nothing to do with Facebook. You might arrive on the site looking for the answer to a specific question about Facebook, but maybe next week you'll need to know how to change the oil in your car. You might think that you have a problem with Facebook, but eventually it could turn out that you need to update your phone or change the settings on your browser. It doesn't matter if this happens. Your Expert can help you to navigate anything that might be causing you problems with Facebook.

Our Experts can even take control of your computer screen when you're dealing with a technical issue. Whenever you're finding an issue too complicated to take care of yourself, you can let your Expert do it for you. Get in touch with us to ask your Facebook question and quickly get the answers you require.

Fix Your Problems With A Real Facebook Helpline From ExpertHelp

Most sites claiming to have Facebook's customer service phone are dead ends, but we can help!

It doesn't matter if there isn't a Facebook phone number for you to get in touch with them. Using ExpertHelp isn't just the next best thing - it's even better. Because we're not attached to Facebook in anyway, we can give you advice without any bias. We won't try to hide any problems with Facebook or pretend that the issue is your fault when it's actually theirs. Our advice is completely honest and we're passionate about providing you with the best help available.

We can answer all of your Facebook questions. Some of the things that you might want to know include:

There are plenty of other questions that you might ask us about using Facebook. Whatever you want to know, our Experts will give you answers as quickly as possible. To get started, all you need to do is pose your question. You can then choose how important you think it is, depending on how fast you want to get answers. Then you have the option to select how you talk to an Expert, whether you prefer live chat, email or even a phone call. In only a few minutes, you can go from having no idea how to do something to having all of the answers and getting to where you need to be.

We put everything that we have into providing excellent customer service. We guarantee satisfaction, and you can get all of your money back if you're not happy with the service that you receive. If the first advice that an Expert gives you about how to get something done or fix a problem doesn't work for you, you can keep the conversation going until you're completely satisfied. Facebook might not offer a lot in terms of direct support for users, but we believe that anyone who uses the site deserves to receive quality customer service. So that's why we step up and deliver it.

Don't waste your time trying to find what you need in Facebook's Help Center. Don't bother trying to find an official phone number or email for their support team. Facebook doesn't excel when it comes to providing customer support, but we do. We give you all of the help that you need, and our Experts really know what they're talking about. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a question about Facebook or a problem that you need to solve, ExpertHelp will sort it.

What Others Are Asking

Ask Your Facebook Question & Get An Answer Now!

A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Facebook Problems

If you've got a Facebook problem, we're the ones who can sort it!

As a company with loads of experience assisting people with Facebook issues, we're confident of solving any problem you might have. Thousands upon thousands of Facebook users have come to us with their questions. We work tirelessly and quickly to ensure their questions are answered to the best of our ability.

What sets us apart from other Facebook support providers is the sheer range of issues we tackle. Our team doesn't just specify in one particular area, we can solve anything, including common problems like:

Typically, when you approach Facebook for advice, they don't offer complete solutions. Furthermore, they refuse to help with any Facebook problems that are related to your computer or the device you're using Facebook on. We're not affiliated with the social network, so we'll even help with issues caused by your devices.

All of these problems are highly common amongst Facebook users. But, our assistance doesn't end there. Feel free to ask any questions related to Facebook support and one of our Expert advisers will talk you through the ideal solution. It's a fast and effective service that requires very little effort on your behalf. Just ask your question, indicate how urgent it is, and choose the method of contact from us. We'll call, email, or live chat with you - depending on your preference.

There's no problem too big or small for us to solve. If you're a Facebook user that's struggling in some regard, get in touch with us today. We'll help make things easier for you, and ensure you get the most out of Facebook. ExpertHelp offers a cost-effective service that's so simple to use. Don't get left in the dark waiting for answers to your questions. In most cases, we can answer your query within 15 minutes. This gives you more time to connect with people on Facebook and ensures you spend less time waiting around for support.

Make the smart choice, get live help for Facebook now, and enjoy unlimited free follow-up questions once your issue is solved.