36 " 5 burner

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36 " 5 burner

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Abe Pastor

Hi, my name is Abe. I am happy to assist you. I'm sorry your having trouble resolving the problem but dont worry, I will be providing some steps that will resolve this issue. Please give me a few minutes to prepare the answers. Thank you for your patience.

Important: By the way always refresh your browser every after 15-20 minutes. Since new comments that I post dont show up when your browser is idle.

Last updated
Abe Pastor

Troubleshooting the GE Monogram cooktop only takes a few steps and may help identify and solve problems without the need for professional service. If one burner doesnt burn the issue may be somewhat related to the connections on the burner components. I need to check on this further and do some research.

Try these Instructions in the meantime that might help resolve the issue:

  1. Use induction type cookware if the surface elements seem to cook too slowly or do not maintain a rolling boil. Induction style cookware has flat bottoms, is designed for cooking on induction cooktops, and can be purchased at many department stores or cooking supply stores.

  2. Position the cookware properly over the center of the cooking surface if the error code "F" flashes. Use only induction cookware and use a bigger pan, as the error code "F" indicates that the pan is too small for the cooking element.

  3. Wipe down the cooktop after every use with a non-abrasive cleaner if scratches are appearing on the cooktop. Coarse particles may be getting caught between the cookware and the surface, causing scratches. Do not use cookware with rough bottoms.

  4. Wait for the cooktop to cool down properly if areas of discoloration appear on the cooktop. This is normal when areas of the cooktop are hot and will return to a normal color once cooled.

  5. Wipe down the keypad with a clean, damp cloth if the keypad is not responding to touch controls or the error code "E c" appears. Ensure the power is connected to the unit and reset the fuse or circuit breaker if necessary.

  6. Remove cookware from the surface, turn off the cooktop and wait 30 minutes before use if the error code "E o" appears on the display. This indicates the surface has gotten too hot and may be caused by empty pans on the cooktop or blocked ventilation. Remove any possible ventilation obstacles.

I hope the information given helps I will add more information once I have completed research on the burner issue. If the answer to your question was informative and helpful, please show your appreciation for my efforts by clicking the green Accept Answer button right below my first response. Thank you.

Jenny Muralidharan
Customer Support

"Worked great Thanks,Ralph V. Mirra"

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Customer Service Team
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